Winter light

Winter light at the house

Headed up to the house today to shovel snow that blew through the window openings. I was really happy to see just about every room in the house full of warm natural light. As noted in my May 18, 2019 post, I already knew that this site got direct sunlight even in the dead of winter, but it wasn’t until the framing went up that I realized just how bright the house would be.

Winter light at the house

Also: the house is sited on the northeast corner of a 1.3-acre lot, so nobody can ever block the afternoon light with another building. Unless they build an office tower, anyway.

This house is gonna have a *lot* of glass. There’s a long-running debate in the building science community about the “right” number of of windows for a house, how those windows should be built, which direction they should face, and the role that windows play in energy efficiency. I’ll have plenty of info on those topics coming up in future posts.

Winter light at the house

Photos taken February 16, 2020. Posted February 16, 2020.

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