Tidying up the jobsite

Rodney and Patrick took a few days off because they couldn’t stand walls in 70mph wind gusts, but as soon as the weather settled down they got back at it. The living room walls are all up, and they stood the first master suite wall today. We should have all of the walls and the roof beams in place in the next week or so.

House framing
House framing House framing
House framing

After posting my last Instagram story, @jon_mains sent me a friendly suggestion to tidy up the jobsite before winter hits. Solid advice and much appreciated. The last four or five months have been incredibly chaotic, and to be honest, I let the site become pretty messy. Piles of scrap lumber, thousands of nails, plywood blown around by the wind, empty tubes of glue, insulation bundles, water bottles, and of course giant piles of demo’d framing from the original botched job.. it had really added up.

House framing
Stack of ground-contact treated lumber Pile of trash bags

I spent five hours cleaning and organizing up at the site today, and my mission for the next ten days is to get everything else in order. Right now, I’m looking forward to a clean jobsite almost as much as finishing the house framing.

Photos taken October 4, 2020. Posted October 4, 2020.

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