The lot

The lot

The lot! In the summer of 2017 I picked up 1.3 acres (56,348 square feet) in the hills above Anchorage, off of Goldenview. The whole lot is buildable, and there is a glacial moraine in the back with a view of the mountains. I love how wild it feels up here, while still being only a 10-12 minute drive from midtown. I looked at a lot of lots, but this was the first and remained my favorite.

There seems to be a common belief that there is “no land left in Anchorage” but that really isn’t true. There are lots for sale all over the city, even in older well-established neighborhoods. Most buildable lots in Anchorage run between $100k and $220k. Some lots are cheaper but they tend to have challenges like small buildable areas or seasonal flooding. Finding a good lot is key. It is literally the foundation for your foundation, and it’s a choice you only get to make once.

The lot The lot

Photos taken May 12, 2017. Posted May 6, 2019.

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