Taking a Break

Taking a Break

My housebuilding project more or less went on hold during July while I waited for the new framing crew. I loosely tarped the building materials to protect them from rain, cleaned up the jobsite, and did some long-overdue bookkeeping.

I’d planned to spend a lot of time at the site processing firewood and trying to recycle materials from the gigantic pile of demolished framing. But in the end, I mostly took the month off to hike, run, write, and reconnect with people. It was the right call. Even when everything goes right, owner-building a house can be exhausting. Houses are important. So is balance and sanity.

Taking a Break

The best breaks are ones that feel good when they start and good when they end, and as August rolled around I was excited to dive back into it. Early this week I met my new framer to go over materials and set up the site.

Reframing starts today.


Photos taken July 1 and July 25, 2020. Posted August 5, 2020.

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