Framing in snow

Winter arrived late to Anchorage this year, but when it finally did it made a scene. Many folks here rang in the New Year by shoveling driveways and digging out snow-buried cars. Up at the house site, I found snowdrifts piled up over a foot high in the kitchen.

Framing in snow

Many people have asked how badly the house framing will be damaged by the snow. The answer–seriously–is that it won’t be. Snow sits on top of the framing and just needs to be brushed or shoveled off. Of course, if it were allowed to accumulate all winter and then melt all at once in the spring it could drench the untreated wood framing. Eventually, bulk liquid water can cause some engineered wood products to swell or delaminate, and cause dimensional lumber to warp. But framing can accommodate surprising amounts of liquid water before problems arise. Multimillion-dollar homes in Portland and Seattle are regularly framed entirely in pouring rain, with few if any lasting effects.

Compared to rain, snow is a breeze.

Framing in snow Framing in snow

Photos taken January 1, 2020. Posted January 10, 2020.

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