Shipping container

Shipping container Shipping container

I’m the proud owner of a brand new(ish) 20-foot shipping container! ? If space and budget allow, many owner-builders rent or buy steel shipping containers to store construction materials and tools. Subcontractors also appreciate having a secure, weatherproof place to store items so that they don’t have to take everything off of the job site every day.

This is a “new” condition shipping container, meaning that it’s only made one trans-Pacific trip and is still in excellent condition. I bought it from Alaska Container Cache for $3,800. More heavily-used containers cost a bit less. Shipping containers are global commodity items and it’s typically possible to sell them for roughly the same amount paid for them. However, some owner-builders come to appreciate the storage space and end up keeping their containers long after the project is complete. I talked to one subcontractor who told me he likes them so much that he keeps two at his home. After using this one for a couple weeks… I get it.

Photos taken October 24, 2019. Posted December 25, 2019.

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