Round two, begin!

Round two, begin! After months of setbacks, rabbit holes, and dead ends, it feels great to finally make certain progress on the house.

Taking a Break

I have to admit that the disastrous experience with my original framing contractor left me a little shell-shocked, and my excitement with new progress is tempered by nervousness. But this time around there are three big things working in the project’s favor.

First, we’re using the correct materials specified by the designer–and making a few strategic improvements. For example, we’re recycling glulam beams from the original build as window and door headers because they’re stronger and more stable than solid wood. And we’re using quality galvanized nails in the correct size for all exterior work. Many of these changes cost little to nothing, but will result in a better house.

Second, my new framer, Rodney, is knowledgeable, takes pride in his work, and addresses issues instead of just slapping things together and moving along. When he determined that one corner of the foundation wall was 1/4″ higher than the other, he created a seamless shim on the sill plates rather than just let the mistake ripple throughout the structure.

Last, this time around I have far more knowledge about framing. The last six months of this project have been brutal but I’ve learned more than I could have imagined about tolerances, wood grades, load transfer, hardware installation, nailing patterns, and more. I’m far from knowing everything, but what happened the first time around will not happen again.


Photo taken August 10 2020. Posted August 10, 2020.

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