Processing a tree

Processing a tree for firewood is pretty straightforward: first the tree is notched and felled, then smaller branches are removed with a pruning saw or hatchet and the trunk is sawed into rounds. The rounds are split with a splitting axe or maul and then the firewood is stacked to dry. It’s best to let firewood season in a covered location for at least one summer, since dry wood burns more efficiently and deposits less soot in your chimney. My wood pile isn’t covered yet, but I’ll build a temporary shed with scrap building material once construction starts up.

Usually I work solo, but last weekend Matt and Tony came up to help too. It’s fun working in a group, and I like that my friends have been a part of the project from the beginning. Hopefully not too long from now we’ll all be hanging out in the house, and it’ll feel pretty cool to look back to the afternoons we spent up here getting everything started.

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