3D Renderings

And, it’s done! Ok fine… not really. But 3D renderings are about as close as you can come to seeing the real thing before it’s built. A little while back, Envision Home Designs reached out to offer to do a … Read More

Framing into fall

The framers were hoping to stand the first living room wall today, but the forecast called for wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour. Alaska has relatively extreme seasons, and September is a time of chaotic transition. We’re losing … Read More

Temp electric

Not every part of a construction project is especially photogenic, but I’d like to cover all of the major steps of owner-building. So for anyone looking for prettier photos, maybe tune in next week. For everyone else: temp electric! Every … Read More

Framing crew size

Every day the house looks different. Today I pulled up to find most of the main floor interior framing complete. It was fun walking between the rooms and getting to see the plans come alive again. Rodney, my framer, works … Read More

Floor framing

Most residential floor framing systems are primarily made up of “joists,” horizontal framing members designed to span open spaces. Joists can be reinforced with “blocking” or “crush blocks” as needed, and tied together with floor sheathing. Floor joists are typically … Read More

Framing nail corrosion

The reframing is going smoothly and progress is visible every day. I’m happy we’re finally pushing forward, but framing in Anchorage during August and September does mean rain–sometimes lots of it. As I said in a previous post, most wood … Read More

Round two, begin!

Round two, begin! After months of setbacks, rabbit holes, and dead ends, it feels great to finally make certain progress on the house. I have to admit that the disastrous experience with my original framing contractor left me a little … Read More

Interview – Remote Alaska Solutions

A while back, Remote Alaska Solutions reached out to ask whether I’d considered ICF for my project, and they invited me to check out a couple of their job sites. ICF stands for “Insulated Concrete Forms.” In ICF construction, hollow … Read More

Taking a Break

My housebuilding project more or less went on hold during July while I waited for the new framing crew. I loosely tarped the building materials to protect them from rain, cleaned up the jobsite, and did some long-overdue bookkeeping. I’d … Read More


Welcome! Documenting the owner-builder process for my first home in Anchorage, Alaska! Hoping to be as informative and transparent as possible about the ups, downs, and in-betweens. Most content is available both on Instagram and on the website. Feel free … Read More

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