Master suite framing

Master bedroom framing
Master bedroom framing Master bedroom framing

I drove up to the site today to find that temps had risen enough for the framers to get back to work. They’d set up a propane heater in the shipping container to keep the pneumatic compressors and tools warm, and had managed to get the master bedroom walls and roof up. When these guys can work, they seriously get after it.

Today was the first day I really got a feel for the master suite on the top floor. I’m really excited about the stairwell (a lot more on that later) and the windows. Can’t wait to wake up every morning to trees and mountains.

Master bedroom framing Master bedroom framing
Master bedroom framing
Master bedroom framing Master bedroom framing

Throughout this project I’ve gotten a lot of comments on the size of the house. Some people say it’s big, and others almost treat it like a tinyhouse. According to the 2015 US Census, the average new US home is 2,467 square feet. My house is 2,432 square feet, including the utility room and downstairs ADU apartment. I guess I’d say this house is on the smaller side of average if you’re going by square footage alone.

The master bedroom (excluding the closets and bathroom) is 13×15 feet. By some standards, that’s pretty modest. I could only make the house so big due to financial constraints, but I’m honestly not sure I’d make it much bigger even if I could. I wanted this house to fit like a glove. At least to me, an awful lot of houses in the US kinda look like clown shoes.

With limited square footage to work with, one of my goals was to make each room in the house feel special. For example, instead of a single centered window in each wall of the master bedroom, I put two high, thin windows in the wall behind the bed location and two big, almost floor-to-ceiling windows in the adjacent wall. The master bath might be on the smaller side but it has corner windows dropped just below the lip of the freestanding tub, so you can take a bath with a 180-degree view of the Chugach.

Master bedroom framing Master bedroom framing

Photos taken January 15, 2020. Posted January 15, 2020.

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