House model

House model

My designer thought it was pretty funny that I made a foamcore model from the plans, and said “I haven’t seen one of those since I was in school!”

Nowadays houses are usually modeled on computers rather than with, you know, actual models. There are a lot of advantages to going digital. But building this was fun, and I liked moving, touching, and looking through a real object. It was easy to pull the model out and discuss it with groups of people (say, at a family dinner with guests) and people were able to draw right on the model when suggesting changes.

There have been so many edits to the plans since I built this that it’s no longer a super accurate representation of how the house will look. But it served its purpose. When I get the final plans I’ll probably build another model. After that: the real thing.

House model House model House model

Photos taken May 8, 2019. Posted May 8, 2019.

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1 year ago

do you have the plans?