Game Camera

Last year I set up a cheap game cam to see who was prowling the lot when I wasn’t around. As it turns out, it was mostly moose. A lot of moose. And a coyote or two. And is that a pack of… bears? I didn’t know they traveled in groups. Fun. At least I got a solid laugh at the last photo in this set. There’s probably a story there.

One of my favorite numbers in this project is 2.3%. That’s the amount of the lot that will be covered by the house itself. Of course the driveway takes some space too, and a few percent more will eventually go to a garage. But for the most part this place will stay pretty wild. The covenants in this subdivision more or less require that, and it’s what I’d want anyway. The moose can keep visiting any time. Ditto the escaped horses.

The bear pack… maybe once or twice when nobody’s around.

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