Free wood

I’m currently giving away all of the wood in my scrap/demo pile at the AK House Project site. I posted a series of Instagram stories about the wood giveaway a couple weeks ago, and the response has been great. Two dozen groups have been up to the project site already, and wood has been taken for projects ranging from concert stages to garden beds to artwork. By the time I’m done giving everything I can away I imagine it’ll be hard to spend much time in Anchorage before running across something built (at least partially) out of this material. I’ve also enjoyed meeting and connecting with many folks who follow the Instagram account or who are part of the greater Anchorage building community. I’ve had some great conversations up at the site (and at least one solid blueberry mojito).

Free wood Free wood
Free wood Free wood

Giving away the scrap/demo is a true win-win. It’s very gratifying for me to see so much of this material reused and recycled. Though I wasn’t able to reuse a lot of the original material for my rebuild, that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. In many cases it’s perfect for smaller projects, and given the extremely high cost of lumber right now I’m glad this has helped folks make their projects happen. Moreover, giving away the scrap/demo saves me a lot of money on trash fees. I would much rather give this material away to people who appreciate and can use it rather than pay to throw it away.

The photos in this post were all taken recently. If you’re in or near Anchorage and would like to stop by to see if you can use anything, feel free to write me on Instagram or email [email protected] for more details.

Posted June 28, 2021.

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