Framing before-and-after

Good work is good in so many ways. It’s stronger, more resilient, looks better, and just feels better to be around. Beyond that, good work reflects self-respect on the part of the builder and consideration for the well-being and safety of the people being built for.

Framing before-and-after Framing before-and-after

Was Harry’s remediation work absolutely perfect? Absolutely not! Rough framing is called rough framing for a reason, and wood is a natural product with imperfections. As is often said about rough framing, “we ain’t building a piano here.” But the difference between the work delivered by my previous framing contractor and the work we were doing now was staggering. This time around the plans were followed correctly, the right materials were used, and mistakes with new work were swiftly recognized and corrected. The cuts were tight (piano-quality, even) and the nailing was accurate. When Harry wasn’t sure what to do, he called my designer for guidance. If he didn’t have the right nails, instead of pressing forward with the wrong ones he called me and I got them delivered.

Framing before-and-after Framing before-and-after

Moving through this house was like clearing a minefield, but each time we moved on to the next part of the house the work behind us was clean, tight, safe, and right.

Posted June 14, 2020.

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