Demo disposal

Although I tried to give away or reuse as much wood as possible, at a point it just wasn’t reasonable to try to salvage everything from the demo. I went thorough every piece of wood on the site, pulled out nail-free scraps that could still be burned (burning galvanized nails creates toxic smoke–not good), and tossed the rest.

Getting rid of the demo was bittersweet at times. Occasionally I’d recognize a piece of my kitchen, or the framing around a bedroom window. But it was also cathartic to get the defective work off my site and out of my life for good.

Shoutout to locally-owned Denali Disposal for providing the 20-foot refuse container. Communication and prices were both great, and their driver was able to drop the container perfectly between two obstacles with artistic finesse. Thanks guys!

Posted December 24, 2021.

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