And we’re off!

Housebuilding books

Instead of kicking this account off with pretty building photos I’m starting with books. There is SO MUCH to know and learn about housebuilding. I’m starting this process with minimal knowledge about construction, but the project is complex and the stakes are high. Nothing motivates like the potential for epic disaster 🙂

Some of these books cover design and construction techniques, but equally valuable are the ones that stress planning, contracts, and maintaining personal and professional relationships throughout the building process. None of these books actually include all the info I need, but they’ve helped me understand *what* I need to know.

Over the next few months (and maybe longer…) I’ll be sharing info, tips, experiences, and maybe a few frustrations about the process of building my first home in Anchorage. I’d like this account to be as helpful as possible for others who want to undertake their own projects. Feel free to ask questions, share your opinions or comment on anything!

Photo taken May 5, 2019. Posted May 5, 2019.

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